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Candle Care



Before you light your Lluma candle please ensure that you read this!

For ideal burning, it is so important to·always keep the wick trimmed to 5mm! You can trim the wick before lighting or whilst it is alight. This ensures the wick does not curl and cause the candle to burn unevenly, preventing·wax build up on·one side. Remember to remove any wick debris from the candle.

When you first light your candle you should burn it for one hour for every 2.5 cms of diameter. In other words, allow the melted pool of wax to spread to the very edge of the candle the first time it is lit. This·allows the wax to pool to the outside rim and then each time you subsequently light your candle it will “remember” to burn out to the rim, instead of tunnelling down the middle.

Avoid draughts – This can cause uneven burning.

Avoid direct sunlight – In some cases this can cause fading to certain candles.

Remove labels and decor from candles before burning.

While our Lluma candles do not drip if taken care of properly, it is wise to always burn your candle on safe holders or plates. The colouring, wax or·heat could damage furniture and surfaces.

Fragranced candles sometimes have a tendency to smoke more than others so keeping the wick at 5mm is more important.


Never leave candles unattended.
Always keep candles out of reach of children and pets.
Never burn a candle completely. Dispose of it when it gets to 2.5 cms from the base.The most important thing to remember is to keep the wick trimmed to 5mm!

Burn times quoted on this site are approximate and will depend on conditions. Remember your candle will burn faster and unevenly in a draught!

How not to burn your candles !